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Annotated Bibliography:

1.Bull, Bernard. Bull, Bernard. "5 Common Reasons for the Importance of Letter Grades."Etale Digital Age Learning. N.p., 10 Apr. 2013. Web. 15 Apr. 2016.

In this article, the author gives 5 reasons as to why letter grades are beneficial to parents, and how they aid in the student’s academic performance. The author states that letter grades create academic rigor and competition, which are generally seen as motivation for students, which is helpful to me as it explains that letter grades are good motivators, and that they should be kept. An important quote found in the article says that “Moving away from letter grades is a sign of decreasing academic rigor.”, this is important to my debate as it is one of the largest
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Discussing reasons why letter grades are helpful to parents and students, the author writes that many parents believed that it wouldn’t allow for their kids to say that they had good grades, as everyone would either pass, or fail. This is supported by the fact that parent Diana Chetelat said “Taking away concrete grading takes away what is inevitable. In the real world, students can't say that they had good check marks." By using this and other quotes, this article supported my argument by giving me others opinion on the matter, and support, like this quote, to back it …show more content…
He writes that letter grades create competition, motivate students, help students reach their goals, and help teachers scope the students’ performance. Since “The letter-grading system provides teachers with a concrete and efficient way of evaluating students” it makes it easier for students to understand their grades, and for them to improve where needed. This article is biased, it only contains views from someone who is in favor of letter grades, and who wishes that they aren’t