Annotated Bibliography On Police Body Cameras

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Erika Barragan
November 6, 2015

Annotated Bibliography

1) Feeney, M. (2015, February). Police Body Cameras Raise Privacy Issues for Cops and the Public. Retrieved October 20, 2015, from

This article basically talks about the body worn cameras having a hand to the decline in police use of force incidents and have giving evidence to the investigations of police misconduct, but there is concern about the privacy of citizens as the footage from the cameras is considered public record. This article will be useful in explaining the effects of using a body worn camera for both police and the public.

2) Stanley, J. (2013, October). Police Body-Mounted Cameras: With
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It can serve as a check against the abuse of power by police and help to eliminate lack of evidence that often results in related accounts of incidents. The camera can be a powerful device that helps the public against police misconduct and also protect the police against false accusations of abuse.

3) International Association of Chiefs of Police. (2004) The Impact of Video Evidence on Modern Policing: Research and Best Practices from the IACP Study on In-Car Cameras. Alexandria, VA: International Association of Chiefs of Police. Retrieved October 21, 2015, from

This article is a review from the International Association of Chiefs of Police on policies regarding body worn cameras by law enforcement officials. They talk about why law enforcement should use body worn cameras, when to use them, the type of body cameras and what kind of issues come across with body worn cameras. These cameras also give citizens being searched or seized video proof of lawful or unlawful
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“The price of body-worn cameras currently ranges from approximately $120 to nearly $2,000 for each device.” (Miller, L. 2014). This article will be used to show that the costs of purchasing cameras for patrolmen will lower the amount of failed court cases due to the lack of evidence by having proof of all evidence for a potential case.

5) Farrar, T. (2013, March 1). Self-awareness to being watched and socially-desirable behavior: A field experiment on the effect of body-worn cameras on police use-of-force. Retrieved October 25, 2015, from

The article talks about the issue of requiring police officers to wear body cameras is a hot topic in the news lately because of the media’s perspective of the overall misuse of power by police. The article written by Tony Farrer is an in-depth research paper of a year long trial of a police department wearing body cameras. He explains the effect that it had on citizen complaints against officers regarding use of force. Tony Farrer is a police chief who was able to document and measure changes in number of police related