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Topic: Logistics Challenges
Logistics is an important bond to connect the world. However, it has been suffering challenges in years. I would like to find the logistics challenges met by different countries, and try to discover some strategy to address the challenges.

1. KRIZNER, K. E. N. (July 01, 2013). Major Market Meets Logistics Challenges. World Trade: Wt100, 26, 7.)
The Northeast is one of the most heavily traveled and congested regions in the United States. However, some logistics challenges are met by the Northeast U.S., such as dense population and congestion, and the lack of federal funds for logistical infrastructure upgrade. All these challenges caused lower developing rete of logistics in this arear.

A senior deputy executive director for Virginia Port Authority (VPA) explains that to address logistics challenges, they maintain strong infrastructure connectivity for inland routes, use the barge to avoid highway congestion, and offer a short rail service to Greensboro, North Carolina.

This article will give me some logistics challenges in U.S.A, and more importantly, some good examples about how to address logistics challenges. Which can help me to analyze the challenges met by the other countries.

2. China confronts logistics challenges. (January 01, 2004). Logistics Management, 43, 47-52.

As for China before 2004, China was much less developed than that in Europe and the United States, for example, China was using theories and techniques that used by other countries years ago, and China was facing environment issues, because the development of recycle technique were not in the same path with the development of logistics. However, China was developing at a very fast path and China has many large logistics company such as COSCO and CSCL. There are several key logistics sectors in China, such as ocean shipping, inland waterways, railroad, air cargo, trucking, warehousing and logistics outsourcing. Besides, because of China’s astonishing size and high supply chain demand, logistics company would like to move their goods in and out from China, even in China inland. Therefore, China should overcome logistics challenges as soon as possible.

Nowadays, China’s logistics is still face the challenges stated above but is likely to be one of the most developed logistics countries. Shipping plays an important role in China’s logistics. Some ports like Dalian, Shanghai and Tianjin connect China with the world closely.

This article mainly about logistics challenges met by China before 2004. So I will compare the situation at that time with China’s current situation, and try to find out China’s development strategy, and by comparing logistics in U.S.A, I will try to find out China how to develop in the future.

2. Dekker, R., Bloemhof, J., Mallidis, I., & Operations Research in Health Care. EURO XXIII, 5-8 July 2009, Bonn. (June 16, 2012). Operations Research for green logistics - An overview of aspects, issues, contributions and…