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PCB 4674 – Evolutionary Biology
Annotated Bibliographies
Your annotated bibliography should include a minimum of 4 peer-reviewed, PRIMARY references. Primary references are research journal articles that present ORIGINAL material (not reviews, textbooks and definitely NOT websites). The only websites you should ever cite in a scientific paper is an online-only journal (and there aren’t many of these). If the journal can be found in printed format, cite it accordingly. Long web addresses indicating where YOU found the article are often useless to your reader (access restricted). ALL references should be properly cited using CSE format. We will always use the Author/Year style of citation within CSE with in-text parenthetical citations including Author(s) and year. Instructions for how to do the annotations are provided in links in this folder. You should use the critical/evaluative style (as described by the UNC website). Submit your annotated bibliography to the drop.
Information about Annotated Bibliographies (Excerpt from UNC’s Website):
Summary annotations
There are two kinds of summarizing annotations, informative and indicative.
Summarizing annotations in general have a couple of defining features:
They sum up the content of the source, as a book report might.
They give an overview of the arguments and proofs/evidence addressed in the work and note the resulting conclusion.
They do not judge the work they are discussing. Leave that to the critical/evaluative annotations.
When appropriate, they describe the author’s methodology or approach to material. For instance, you might mention if