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Your annotations look strong (particularly paragraph 2) but I need full bibliographic information. I don't know the date, publication -- I need this to know if your sources are recent and relevant.
Also, once you work on your Introduction you should go back to Paragraph 3 and spend more time on this. How does the source specifically support your Central Claim? You should also consider adding some quotes so that support your claims.

Surat Lasisi
Professor Caine
ENWR 105-10
14 April 2014
Annotated Bibliography
1. Potential Source 1
A. Reappraising the Importance of Class in Higher Education Entry and Persistence
Author: John Field and Natalie Morgan- Klien

B. John Field and Natalie Morgan- Kilen explain about the social class of our economy. The social class is surrounded to categorize individuals of their worth of income and in doing so this reflects in the higher level of education. Social class depicts if a child will receive a great education. Fields and Klien demonstrate through children’s experiences of their reflection of their social class, such as those who live within inner cities find it much of a struggle to attend a great college to better their education. Individuals from the inner cities complain that they are not receiving enough academic sources to enhance their education to prepare themselves for college. Verses those who live in suburban area are able to received well academic resources that enhance their education. Social class reflects the lives of student’s education. C. This is a useful source because it presents the experiences of student’s lives from inner cities and suburban living to explain how education is reflecting their lives in a matter of social class. This tie in with Kozol argument about social class being an antidote to the issues of segregation within schools. As Kozol explains about inner cities schools not receiving the same advantages as other schools in the white suburban area this reflects back to the source where it explains the disadvantages of inner cities education. This source is reliable because it presents the same ideology as Kozol claim about the school systems of America.

D. This source is able to fit into my research because it outlines the idea of social class and social class is the main key in receiving a better education in America. This source presents statistics and experiences of students who struggle through the school systems because of their social factors. By reading this source it has increased my knowledge and opened my eyes to realize that social class is everything in America. Social class is also the reflection in the school systems and it is also the main reason why schools continue to be segregated.

2. Potential Source 2
A. Choice Without Equity: Charter School Segregation
Author: Erica Frankenberg, Genevieve Siegel-Hawley, and Jia Wang

B. The authors explain about the issues of charter schools increasing segregation within the classrooms. They explain about the relationship and differences about traditional public schools verses charter schools. The authors were able to indicate that charter schools are currently isolating students by race and class. Later they were able to analyze that charter schools are much more segregated than traditional public schools in virtually every state. In charter schools minority students have little exposure to white students in their classes. Charter schools are influencing segregation within their classes as the increase of minorities in classrooms begins to rise.

C. This is a useful source because the authors present segregation rising in charter schools. With this problem occurring throughout the state minority students are failing to be exposed to more white students in their classrooms. This source backs up Kozol claim with classes being too segregated and this is failing students the ability to be surrounded with different culture backgrounds. As the rise of segregation