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Emmanuel Lewis
Mr. Ferraro
7 November 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Pond Life As A Microcosm." Books In Canada 31.3 (2002): 16. Canadian Literary Centre. Web. 7 Nov. 2014. This article illustrates the significance of the pond that is located near the Morrison’s house. The pond “Allows Lawson to foreshadow various important moments in her story”. The tension of the pond create reflect the tension with her brother Matt and her friend Daniel. The article suggests that the pond forebodes negativity throughout the Morrison family and possibly symbolises Kate’s childhood and hometown. “It is a pity that Kate couldn't see, as Matt could, the "wonder" of the ponds. It renders her character kind of dull”. Kate and Matts share a strong relationship together, Kate sees Matt as a leader, they see the pond as an escape from reality, this could ultimately illustrate that the pond serves as a restoration for the Morrison’s.
Lawson, Mary. "A Sense Of Place." Time International (Canada Edition) 163.15 (2004): 54. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 7 Nov. 2014. This article was written by the author herself describing the setting and place of where she grew up, this gives the reader background information on the types of condition that the author lived in, how her hometown influenced her book. “The fewer the buildings, the clearer your view of the land, and the more importance it plays in your life. Ours was a farming community, and the pattern of life was dictated by the turn of the seasons and dominated, absolutely, by the weather”. Lawson illustrates the idea that the settings around you impact how you grow up and how you develop character. The article could help me understand the bigger idea of setting as it plays an important role in Mary Lawson’s childhood.
Stovel, Nora Foster. "Mary Lawson: Crow Lake." International Fiction Review 32.1-2 (2005): 110+. Literature Resource Center. Web. 7 Nov. 2014. Stovel’s article emphasizes the importance of the events that happened in Lawson’s childhood. “The narrative is structured around a series of contraries. First, there is the present and the past, as Kate's narrative counterpoints then and now”. Knowing about the authors past experiences helps the reader understand the mood and tone