Annotated Outline Homelessness Essay

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1. Abstract
All over America, there are people wandering the streets without a home. These individuals are seen as a crowd, a separate collective existence. They are called the homeless, as if that defines who they are, but we too often neglect to add the unspoken word in that title; people. It seems today that the more fortunate citizens of America who have a roof over their heads have forgotten their innate responsibility to watch over those in this world whom are incapable of caring for them-selves. The fact is, that there are millions of homeless in America today. Many of these people had no choice but to become homeless. Economic problems such as being laid off work, or the rise in the cost of housing had lead people to
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(Renya, Wasson & Hill. 1998)

2. Unemployment, Poverty and other social exclusion:
This is also a key reason of homelessness majorly in the developing countries. Due to poverty a huge chunk of population in some countries of Africa and Asia are not able to afford proper dine and clothing, so there is no question of permanent home. Africa and Asia have a large amount of population living in slums.
3. Inflation with limited income:
In some other cases steep inflation and booming real estate prices make the needy people with limited earnings, incapable of having a stable home. The recent sub-prime crisis is a burning example of the economic mess which causes homelessness even in the developed countries like USA. The peer pressure by the society makes them spend more than they afford on everything and many times they end up being homeless and bankrupt as well. (Rosen,,Hoey,& Steed. 2008)
4. Criminal dogma and gambling:
Sometimes people having criminal or antisocial psychological framework refrain from having a stable and consistent home due to conceal their activities. This homelessness is not voluntary at inception when they are underprivileged or deprived but later they start enjoying it while indulged in criminal activities. Though, the reason of them becoming homeless may be losing everything in gamble ling.
5. Drug and alcohol abuse: Especially in developed countries youth indulged in drug