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Race and Culture The topics I will be focusing on in this paper are race, culture, and my personal experiences with each of them. this is something that is hard for me to write about because I do not really hang out with other people other than my friends from high school. We are all Hispanic and have grown up together. I do not really socialize with other people because I have Antonio to take care of, and all the work from my other classes. This is how I have seen UNM so far in my freshman year. When I first came to UNM I knew there was a lot of people from different cultures. It is actually kind of nice to see that there are all these cultures because it shows that people from everywhere can come to college. Culture plays a big role at UNM because there are native Americans, Mexicans, Hispanics, African Americans, Jews, etc. everyone has there own culture, and no one says or does something to affect the others beliefs. On campus there are many centers named after certain cultures. Some are like African American studies, study abroad, which can consist of many cultures, Native American resource center, and many others. All these places are open to all UNM students. Just because they are named after a certain culture, doesn’t mean that they are only for them. I thought this was nice because it shows they do not discriminate. My personal experience on culture I guess would have to be that no matter what culture people come from, there are people on campus with the same kind of beliefs. I don’t really associate with other people other than my friends from high school, and that I know from sports. I am only on campus for class, then I have work. I don’t really know about the clubs or organizations people hold for different cultures. If people asked me if there was a club for Hispanic people, I would tell them there probably is because there is a club for everything at UNM. UNM is consisted of many races. People from all over the world come to UNM. They come to UNM because out of state tuition is a lot cheaper than going to another good school. UNM is a top college in the country with a good curriculum. There are many races at UNM. People from China, Africa, Mexico, and even Ireland come to study here. They say there are clubs and organizations for people who are certain races, and even if they are a different race, they can join another group with various races. People say that everyone acts there own way, and that people usually don’t have a problem with one another, unlike some