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Annotated Bibliography

"Gettysburg Adress (1863)" Our Documents -. Accessed February 25, 2015.

The main source on this website is a picture of the actual Gettysburg Address, but after that there is a brief description of what happened during that day. The writing piece has no identified author, and is simply provided by the website, OurDocuments. This website is a reliable source as it covers many other important documents and gives strong reliable information on them. I plan on using this in my paper for direct citation of the address, and to strengthen my argument with important information regarding the Gettysburg address.

"The Gettysburg Address." Accessed February 25, 2015.

This articles has an unidentified author but is a well-known source and therefor is reliable. This sources gives me another perspective on the Gettysburg address, it gives my knowledge leading up to the event, then the event itself, and finally it gives the events legacy that it has. I will use this to provide me with more information on my topic.

"Abraham Lincoln Delivers the Gettysburg Address: November 19, 1863."Global Events:Milestone Events Throughout History.Vol. 6: (2014).

The articles does not have a direct author, but is most likely an author associated directly with Gale U.S History in Context. This a very reliable source for it has done and continues to do very trustful sources on many history topics. This sources provides the background, event, and effect of the Gettysburg Address. I plan on using this to prove the effects of the address.

United States. National Park Service. "Gettysburg Address." National Parks Service. February 25, 2015. Accessed February 25, 2015.

This source is about another brief explanation of the Gettysburg Address, accompanied by the Address itself. I know it is reliable because it is a government website , with other reliable information. This source is provided by the National Park Service, which is a National Historic site which makes it more reliable. I plan on using this in paper as a useful source when relying on exact information on the Gettysburg address, I am also using for information regarding the Battle of Gettysburg

"The Declaration of Independence: A Transcription." National Archives and Records Administration. Accessed March 11, 2015.

This sources will provide me with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This website is reliable because it is a government