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Annotated Bibliography
Adams, R. California. Guardian world news. 2010. Retrieved on 01-06-2011from
The issue of California’s legalisation of same sex marriage brought about issues of legality in citizens discriminating against sexual orientation. After an appeal by the proponents, the Supreme Court threw out the ban against same sex marriage claiming that the same sex marriage couples had same marriage rights. Other states followed the same suit California being the second after New Jersey.
Baggett, M. Societies and Same-Sex Marriage New York University Press: New York. 2009.
Gay marriage legalisation causes moral decline to the society where it is made to law. In addition, it slows the pace of recreation and this makes reduces parental affection in the same sex marriage adopted children. From Badgett’s argument, same sex marriage is first a partnership where the couples get almost equal marriage responsibilities. This partnership can be broken at any time. It is therefore contradictory that gay marriage will curb high risk sexual lifestyles.
Messerli, J. Legalise same sex marriage. Balanced politics. Retrieved from
In this article, the issue of legalisation is debated. However, though legalization of same sex marriage is proposed, the idea behind it is to obey the current lifestyle as depicted by the contemporary world while eroding moral decency within the same society. Freedom of worship prohibits same sex marriage and it can in no way contradict itself by allowing the reverse.
Carry, D. New York. Mercury news. 2011. Retrieved from The signing into law of the gay marriage in New York by Governor Cuomo has more than meets the eye. First, it is a way of luring the minority states into accepting same sex marriage. NY gov. Cuomo has lured most of the democrat governors into proposition till the bill passed on June 25, 2011.
Elkin, A. Gay rights. CNN US. 2011. Retrieved on 01-07-2011 from
Here, the much dependence has been placed on New York to influence other states in reconsidering LGBT laws. However, opponents believe it is only through personal definition and not population influence that they will be affected. Media coverage may be biased by the new same sex marriage law.
Nagle, J. The Debate. Rosen Publishing Group, Inc: New York. 2010. The book focuses of the matters arising after the passing of the Proposition 8 in California. With California being the second of American states to endorse same sex marriage, lots of grassroots influence resulted from the same. Many organisations rose in opposition against while others rose in proposition for the issue. Today, the debate is heated up with no side accepting defeat.
The Ellen Degeneres Show. "Clinton on Ellen Discussing Gay Marriage." YouTube
4 Sept 2007. Web. 17 Mar 2012.
This short YouTube clip shows an excerpt of an interview between previous Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and popular media icon Ellen Degeneres. The video expresses the views of both women. It was necessary to include this view clip in my blog to show that gays and lesbians are not satisfied with the title of civil unions. It is a perfect example of the voices that are trying to speak out for their rights. I feel that it is an important conversation starter for the introduction to same-sex marriage and what beliefs people have.
Messerli, Joe. "Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Legalized?"
19 Nov. 2011. Web. 20 Mar. 2012. .
The article listed above provides popular pros and cons of same-sex marriage. It equally shows both sides to the