Annual Marketing Plan Victoria Secret Essay example

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Victoria’s Secret Annual Marketing Plan

Table of Content

1. Executive Summary 3 2. Situational Analysis and SWOT 4 2.1 Situational Analysis 4 2.2 SWOT 5 2.3 ANSORFF Product Market Matrix 8 3. Key Issues and New Opportunities 9 3.1 Key Issues 9 3.2 New Opportunities 9 4. Marketing Objectives 9 5. Basic Marketing Strategy 10 5.1 Research 10 5.2 Target Market Identification 10 5.3 Positioning Strategy 11 5.4 Marketing Mix 11 5.4.1 Products 11 5.4.2 Price 12 5.4.3 Place / Dsitribution 12 5.4.4 Promotion 12 6. Co-branding 13 7. Competitive Advantage 13 8. Action Plan 15 9. Controls 17

1. Executive Summary
Victoria’s Secret is one of, if not the most popular women’s
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2. Situational Analysis and SWOT 3.1 Situational Analysis

Victoria’s Secret value proposition is seen in employing some of the most beautiful, charming women in the world. Models such as Gisele Bundchen, Candace Swanepoel, Heidi Klum, and Tyra Banks, known as “Runway Angels” have worked for the company as the face of the business. Victoria’s Secret’s intent when choosing their next Angel is to choose a woman who, not only will appeal to a man, but specifically to a woman. None of the Victoria’s Secret models ever look sleazy or cheap; they always look classy and sophisticated, even when wearing just underwear. All of their models are charming and well-liked by the general public. By using these models, Victoria’s Secret gives value to the customers, helping them to believe that they could look that way in their garments or by using their beauty products. Victoria’s Secret promises and fulfils an idea of beauty and fantasy to their customers.
The situation analysis of Victoria’s Secret is described below using the 5 C’s of marketing:
The brand Victoria’s Secret has been long in the lingerie industry, established in 1963. Victoria’s Secret is a subsidiary of the Limited Brands Company, based in Ohio, in the USA, specializing in lingerie, swimwear, beauty products and sleepwear. Currently operating 1045 speciality stores in the United States and internationally, the company annually generates around $4,564,000,000 of revenue in their