Essay about Anorexia: Civil Engineering and Engineering Structures

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Initiating the work related to an action plan. assembling The manufacturing process in which materials and parts are brought together to make a finished product. buildings Structures erected to protect people, materials, and equipment from the outside environment. casting and molding
A method of shaping parts or products by pouring liquid material into a shaped cavity. civil engineering structures
Structures such as bridges, airports, or highways that are designed by civil engineers. commercial structures
Buildings used to conduct business. conditioning An action altering and improving the internal structure of materials. This action will change the properties of the material. constraints The limits on a design. control The system that makes changes in speed and direction of a vehicle possible. controlling The function of comparing system outputs to the goals conversion/processing The final step in agricultural practices that changes a food product into a foodstuff for human use. criteria The features a product or system must have in order to meet the expectations of the customer. decoding Putting a meaning to a message. Decoding understands the message so proper action can be taken. diagnosis The area of medicine that involves using knowledge, technological devices, and other means to determine the causes of abnormal body conditions. drilling The process of obtaining materials by pumping them through holes drilled into the earth. encoding The step in the communication process that involves changing a message into a format that can be transmitted. finishing The process in which the surface of parts and products are coated or modified to protect them or make them more appealing to consumers forming Squeezing or stretching materials into a desired shape. It also includes bending, shaping, stamping, and crushing. graphic communications
Communications processes in which messages are visual and have two dimensions. growth A major step in agricultural practices that involves providing feed and water for animals or cultivating and watering crops. guidance The system that gathers and displays information so a vehicle can be kept on course. harvesting A step in agricultural practices that involves removing edible parts of plants from trees and stocks and