Anorexia: Nutrition and Food Scientist Essay

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Agricultural and Food Science

The career that I chose is an animal nutritionist or an agricultural and food scientist. I chose this career because I think it would be an interesting job to have. I would like to research things about agriculture and food. An agricultural and food scientist would be in the animal systems career cluster. What interests me about this job is that I would be creating new food products. I don’t specifically know somebody that works in this field of work but the job interests me because I would like to develop new and better ways to produce and package food products. An agricultural and food scientist would communicate research findings to the scientific community, food producers, and the public. The scientists study the composition of soil in different areas because it relates to plant growth. Agricultural and food scientist play a role in maintaining the nation’s food supply. You could work in the basic or applied research and development section of this job. In basic research you would study the biological and chemical processes of how crops and livestock grow. Many agricultural and food scientist work with little supervision. They often lead teams of technicians or students who are interested in going into the field. For this job you would need a degree that is related to biology, chemistry, or physics. Undergraduate courses for agricultural and food scientists includes biology, chemistry, botany, and plant conservation. People with a bachelor’s degree in agricultural scientist find work easily in this field. You aren’t required to have on the job training to be an agricultural and food scientist. The salary for