Essay about Anorexia: Nutrition and Psychological Way

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Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia Nervosa is one of the eating disorders and mainly seen by young women who is in their 10-20s. But 10% of anorexia patients are men.
Most of the people intended to go on a light diet at first seems to escalate and turned out to anorexia nervosa.
In biological way to cause anorexia is by their genetics from their family member who had other disorders: depression, an alcoholic, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, and etc…
In psychological way may be from their family and friends’ teases, their individuals’ images of body shape.
There are many causes in social way, but mainly, the cultural factors, such as the promotion of thinness as the ideal female form through the media is the way to cause this disorder.
The symptoms in this disorder are, drop in blood pressure, depression, getting interested in foods, falling of body temperature, fear against slight of gaining weight, rapid weight loss, obsession with calories and fat content of food, and etc…
This disorder may last for months or years, and it can take many more years to be healthy shaped.
The prognosis of this condition is causing other diseases because of malnutrition, neurological disorders, and death.
The treatments or interventions for this condition are many kinds of therapy, inpatient care, and medication.

The journal I read was written by 22 year-old woman studying journalism in college now. She said that writing journal is the way to express her emotion and wants to help other people who are struggling like her and support who is battling with and eating disorders. She has been writing her journal for about 4 months. She has boyfriend and thanking to her family and people who is supporting. She is trying to eat and face with foods, also try to cook meals by herself to get rid of this disorder little by little. But sometimes bothers her when she thinks of how many calories do the food contains that she ate. I will score this woman with GAF 61-70. Because she can control her feelings against eating and she also likes the way she is challenging to eat, even going out to eat and drink with her friends. Her reaction is controllable by herself and thinking in positive way so I scored as 61-70.

I'm just really tired, I'm tired of being hungry but I'm tired of being fat and