Anorexia: Rock Ballads and Free Support Groups Essay

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Amanda Verheydt
Health Passport
Period 7 Anorexia Nervosa In this passport I will discuss three negative aspects, preventions, and an advocacy group that will show research, help, and legitimate information about anorexia. I will also discuss why I selected why I chose anorexia, how it affects families, and people in this community. The definition of Anorexia is an eating disorder, where people are considerably underweight, because they see themselves as fat or too big. Some negative aspects that arise from anorexia are severe mood swings, thin hair, bloating, and heart problems. Mood swings happen, because of the lack of nutrients in your body. These mood swings come from different emotions like anxiety that your body is too big. Your hair thins, because when you don’t eat and receive necessary nutrients your hair starts to thin and become brittle. When your stomach doesn’t get enough food, you bloat with gas. This happens after starving yourself for long periods of time. Heart disease can come from anorexia and is the most common cause of medical death.
The person may develop slow rythms that is a sign of anorexia. Your heart muscles will starve and lose size, weakening your heart, also causing your blood pressure to drop, and a reduce of blood flow and oxygen reaching your heart. This can be fatal to a person with severe anorexia. There are no guaranteed ways to prevent anorexia nervosa. Some ways to try to prevent anorexia are proper image, promotion of healthy development, and knowledge. Giving a person the idea that every body type is accepted and ok. Not associating popularity with being thin and skinny.
Promote eating healthy and regularly to be a strong, healthy individual. Knowledge of eating disorders

like anorexia, is the best way to prevent it. If people are aware of the negative side effects, they are the only person that can prevent themselves from having anorexia. The advocacy group that supports this issue is the ANAD (national association of anorexia nervosa and associated disorders). Has free support groups for families that are struggling with eating disorders. They are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and healing of anorexia and