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Another Choice for High School Graduates
An important decision waits all high school graduates: what university am I going to apply to? This decision is even harder for those brilliant students, especially from outside the USA. Should I go to Harvard or to another big university? Will they accept me? What am I going to do about money? Yes, they are big questions; but now, there is another choice for those students, it is the Minerva Schools. Although some colleges argues that these schools will never be like Harvard, others for many reasons see in these schools a real opportunity to all graduates who are invited to consider applying to Minerva Schools at KGI.
Until now, many have argued that one cannot get a high college education without paying a lot of money. In other words, to have an excellent education in a private college the average cost would be around 40,917$ (Kamenetz). However, this argument does not take into account the Minerva Schools. In particular, the tuition of a year in Minerva will be 10,000$ with an overall cost of 28,850$ if the student choses to attend the classes (Kamenetz). That means the student will get the best curriculum at the lowest price. In this case, even Harvard would not be able to compete with Minerva in tuition; especially that Minerva Schools offers the members of the founding class tuition free studing for all four years (Vuynovich).
Opponents argue that, all other colleges own their own estate and that gives their student an impression of belonging to something big. So, even though Minerva is defined by some people as a high-class college, it is not because it does not have any real estate. In other words, the student will not feel like they actually belong to a college, especially freshmen because they will live in a rented space by the college (Kamenetz). While that may be true, others may look to this as a global experience offered to the students. Furthermore, those chosen students will get their unique learning in seven different countries around the world, and that will give them something equal to the education which is: global experience. So, yes the student may not spend four years in one location, but absolutely they will gain a rare experience through meting and living in different cultures. Finally, some may say that since Minerva’s curriculum is based on online education in general, it will not be successful and will prevent students from