Anova Testing of Atm Tranactions by Debit and Non-Debit Card Holders Essay example

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Due to the latest technology in today's world nobody carries cash on them anymore; everyone use credit cards or bankcards. Using the statistical data provide by textbook: Lind, Marchal, and Wathen, (2008). Statistical Techniques in Business & Econimics, 13th edition. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill. An ANOVA test of debit bankcards is going to be done on whether people that have debit cards use the ATM as much as people that don't have debit cards.

An ANOVA test comparing the use of ATM's by people with bank debit cards versus people without bank debit cards. People with debit cards are less likely to make ATM transaction because they can use their bank debit cards at stores to pay for their items without having to go directly to their
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These two test results obviously had an impact on the average mean of the study, yet were not enough to tilt the hypothesis to the point of rejection, as the statistical mean of debit card holders was still below that of the mean of those who did not possess debit cards. Due to these results from the data collected, I am pleased to say that I failed to reject my null hypothesis and stand by my research question. It is obvious that if you carry a debit card, you will rarely make your way to your own bank because of the access that you have with your card. The only time you would make an effort to go to your own bank, especially if it is out of your way of daily driving, would be to make deposits or larger than normal withdrawals.

Since the cash is directly withdrawn from his or her account, the card itself is just as good as cash and shows why the null hypothesis was accepted and that debit card holders use the ATM machine less. Another reason why people continue to use debit cards and show why our null hypothesis was accepted is if you discover errors on your monthly statement involving your debit card, you have the same rights as those given for credit cards and billing errors and will be credited.

Debit cards offer several advantages and disadvantages for their users. Understanding these characteristics and how they differ from those of credit cards can help the user enjoy the convenience and benefits they