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Alt. Career Plan: Animal Nutritionist
Current Career Plan: Veterinarian
A career as an animal nutritionist is an occupation that requires the person to create and balance rations to ensure that dietary needs are met for the animal under their supervision. I would probably like to specify in swine, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Daily jobs and tasks may include but are not limited to:
evaluating the chemical and nutritional value of feeds, feed supplements, grass and forage for commercial animals and pets;
formulating diets and rations to maximize growth, reproduction, health and/or performance;
assessing the relative nutritional and economic value of feeding systems;
researching the effectiveness of dietary regimes;
conducting animal-based studies and laboratory trials;
supporting agricultural consultants in their work;
liaising with producers and clients to understand their targets and objectives, and the specific needs of the market;
monitoring feed formulations to meet quality performance and animal health standards;
providing advice on nutrition to farmers, other animal owners, veterinarians and government bodies;
rationalizing animal feed manufacturing techniques;
expanding existing ranges of animal food products and developing new ones;
supporting commercial teams in producing and launching new products;
carrying out sales and marketing strategies following the launch of a new product;
balancing a growing consumer interest in quality with the need to develop competitive agricultural systems;
maintaining expertise in nutritional trends and keeping up to date with regulatory changes;
using computer software to formulate diets, conduct research and generate reports;
investigating nutritional disorders and the safe storage of feeds, often in conjunction with veterinary surgeons.…