Ansel Adam's Influence On Art

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Ansel Adam’s Would Be Pissed: Photography the Doubted Art form
Art is the way in which humanity has been able to express and define itself, helping to create societies and cultures. Art was and still is one of the ways humanity has been able to show what was important to them and what life was or is for them. Art is formally defined as something that is created with imagination and skill which is “beautiful”, or expresses important ideas or feeling usually in the forms of: paintings, sculptures, drawings, and other visual art forms. Art, with such a loose definition, has seen a infinite amount of advancements and changes. An important, revolutionary advancement in the world of art is the invention of Photography. However, photography is controversial.
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It started with a curiosity to be able to capture images and light mechanically. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the technologies for photography to even develop. The 1800-1830’s was riddled with experimental photographing processes and it was in 1839 with the invention of the daguerreotype that photography became a particle process (Newhall). It is in these early years of photography in which one can see its bases in art. The photos mostly consisted of landscapes, nude photos or subject matters that mimicked those of the classical arts. For example, to the right, are early photographer Julia Margaret Cameron and her piece “Light and Love” which is an image of a mother and child resembling the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, critically acclaimed “as the photographic equivalent of "the method of drawing employed by the great Italian masters.” A majority of her subject consisted of ethereal, religious, and portrait based photos (Prodger). These directly parallel classical painting subject matters, showing it to have these roots establishing it in art …show more content…
First the photographer has to prepare for the photographs they plan on taking which could be finding the perfect landscape or setting up a scene with a model. Then one has to make sure their lighting is appropriate for the photograph, and that the camera is set to the proper settings. They have to be able to work with their direct environment and the light that is at their disposal. As well as learn the complex processes for developing film with chemicals or the tools on Photoshop. They have to be able to manipulate the image in different, restrictive way unlike other arts. These are just a few of the things a photographer might need to get that simple, yet perfect photo. It is just as involved as a 8 hours paints of a person would be, and shouldn’t be