Ansel Adams Research Paper

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Ansel Adams once said “A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.” This is true of his work from the nature scenes he captures on camera all the way to a delicate rose shot up-close to see every last detail. The nature scenes themselves are self-explanatory, but accurately describing the beauty in the photographs cannot be said with mere words. Adams had a high belief that humans and their environment could live harmoniously in the same atmosphere as well as the fact that there was a certain environment balance that could be achieved. It is no doubt that he is an accomplished photographer, but he was not always as known as he is today. Ansel Adams was born in 1902. As a boy, Adams had been timid and curious in personality. Fitting in at school was not his forte – he was considered …show more content…
Ansel had said in this interview he wished he had worked even harder than he had. Esterow had asked him how many negatives were never published and he answered thousands. He is critical of his work and this must be the reason he keeps so many out from the public eye. Ansel mentions that there are maybe five hundred that have to be printed. As for others, many enjoy his pieces. A photographer and resident of Yosemite National Park, William Neill, wrote an article about and even stated “Like millions of others, I was inspired by Ansel’s tireless efforts on behalf of the natural environment. I have tried, although I am not the extroverted activist Ansel was, to find ways to use my work for environmental causes.” A writer for the New York Times wrote the following: “It is tempting, but too easy, to think of Ansel Adams as simply the Norman Rockwell of landscape photography: immensely popular but critically negligible.” It is a mere opinion of one man - but the one thing that is certain is that Ansel Adams is immensely popular and