Essay on Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Acl Injuries

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Tatiana Alston
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1 April 2014

“Broken ankles” and Torn ACL’s Ever heard of the star player Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls? He was recently seceded from the NBA games due to a terrible ACL injury. In basketball, logical reasoning for an ACL tear is due to multiple steps of lateral movement, or sudden jumps and stops. Which most basketball players are known for. When a player is fierce and quick it makes it difficult for a defender to keep up. A sudden stop can lead the defender to believe in a false direction provoked by the offensive player. This is where the term "broken ankles” originated from. However, this can leave a defender and offensive player to fall leading to a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament. This leads to the theory that ACL injuries occur more often in sports involving a lot of lateral movement.
You might hear about an ACL tear here and there, however they happen more often then expected. Over 200,000 cases due to ACL tears happen annually. It is more likely for one to be prone to this accident due to sports activity. Statistics prove that 70% of ACL tears are caused by sports. Sports that lead to this type of accident are basketball, soccer, skiing, and football. Remaining 30% of participates in particular injury suffer from direct contact. (Anterior)
Derrick Rose is an outstanding player on the court. He averages about 15 points a game as well as 43% on the foul line, and 34% behind the three point line. His current status is 100% on the bench. He was recently diagnosed with a tore ACL. Although he is expected back rather quickly there are other concerns. Will he be able to play the same? Will this affect the season for the Chicago Bulls? All due to the terrible accident of an ACL tear. One astonishing fact to know is that women are at a higher rate of exposure to this injury more then males. Females are eight more times more likely to tear their ACL than males. This is just what the studies show. A factor that consists and leads to the higher rate in injuries is the lower extremity alignment; wider pelvis, knee valgus, and foot pronation. Also, The hormonal differences, joint laxity, muscle development, hamstring flexibility, and ACL size (anterior). However according to an Article in science Daily Women have more knee ligament injuries than men due to geometry NOT GENDER! Many argue that studies show that women occur to consist of this injury than men. According to Research done at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons it is more than the sex. It's not just the fact that you're a female, it's the upper part of the shine bone at that which is much shorter and more round. This is what makes your ligaments especially
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ACL easily to tear. (American 12) Some cases are more serious then others. Some which result in Surgery. Most people over-react when they hear about their surgery. Although it may seem painful it is just a small procedure and you would be eligible to go home the same day (same day surgery).Before, the surgery you will receive anesthesia, which puts you to sleep and are unable to feel any pain what so ever. There is also the option of numbing half your body, waist down .There are two ways to perform this operation, an auto graft or allograft. An auto graft procedure is when ligaments are repaired by your own tissues, from own body. On the other hand, an allograft is when the doctors use the tissue from a donor of someone else who has unfortunately