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Chante Latifah Stewart-Wallace
ANTH 140
Camping in Tepees
Peter wakes up in his extravagant tent in the wood of North Carolina and takes a step on the soil, wiggling his toes on the dispersed remains of the native people on the trail of tears. To him it is just another gorgeous camp sight. As he takes in the aroma of the environment, he stretched up to the sun and prays for the day to be pleasant. Taking a deep breath, he kneels down to a pile of sticks and proceeds to get a fire started for this chilly morning. Today Peter is going to be the self-image of the American wilderness man. Peter opens his survivor kit and pulls out his breakfast designed for a Spartan. From the satchel, he retrieves some freeze dried pineapples and his canteen of water. While biting into his food he doesn’t know that a native made this meal possible. He didn’t know they would take food and bury it in the snowy mountains and stomp the water out of the food, all he knows is that today he will fend for himself. Once he finished his breakfast, Peter rises to his feet and retrieved he is bow and curare dipped arrows for today’s hunt. He feels so ingenious for the idea of paralyzing bows, maybe he will take home a bear and lay his skin in his den or maybe he will catch a deer to mount his massively horned head on his wall, never even realizing that he is close to the location which the curare plant may have been discovered by a nearby tribe. After a long day of hunting, Peter comes back and drinks his favorite beverage, even though he is cheating from his day of survival he partakes in a Coca-Cola. After…