ANTH 320 Racism Essay

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ANTH 320 Racism: Cross Cultural Analysis 9/15/2014
How to Dominate a Land:
Reconquesta: Drive out Moors and Jews
(drive out all unwanted races out of area that is being dominated)
Depreciate learning: Destroying education is critical in maintaining control over population.
(Nothing more dangerous to a government than a generation of well-educated people who knows the truth.)
Destroy evidence of learning and accomplishments.
(Destroying the history. If you destroy the history, there’s no proof that the civilization existed. Ex: Mayan and Aztec libraries, arts, and archives, destroyed by Spanish government)
Kill the learned, make people forget the past.
(Related to depreciate learning: the former is to stop anyone from being educated, the latter is to stop anyone who is ALREADY educated)
Although conquering a land, I’m sure, is much more complicated than this, these steps are crucial for any conqueror to ensure absolute domination over the land. Many of these are related to education and history, which tells us that the greatest weapon against those who are trying to dominate the land is knowledge.

Self-hatred and Love For Master (The relationship between conquered and Conqueror)

Teach those conquered that they were savages
(Make the conquered feel like they are the ones who are the true enemy. Ex: Colonialists used this tactic against Native Americans after Manifest Destiny. They forced Native Americans to get rid of their culture and made them assimilate to European lifestyle.)
Claim all knowledge produced by victor
(“History is written by the victors.” – Winston Churchill)
Conquered gods are devils
(Religious attack: the