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Anthem- Chapter 1 1. A) The book Anthem is set in a collective society. In the main character’s world, people are obligated to say collective words just to prove that believe in what they are told to believe in; however, these people are to act as if they wholeheartedly believe that without anyone’s influence. In the society that the people live in, their political structure, degree of technology, social relationships, quality of life, and education are backwards, in comparison with our society today. Their political structure would be considered to be a complete dictatorship. The political people tell the residents exactly what to do and how to do it, and sadly, the residents have to follow and obey this exact protocol. Technology in this setting has gone back to the candle-era and unhygienic routes of the olden days. This way the people wouldn’t be able to excel. Socially, the relationships of the men are supposed to be called “we” and “brothers”. When Equality says the word friends, the reader experiences a different emotion-an emotion that tries to add comfort but acts distance- than the actual word’s connotation today. At the beginning, the reader can notice that there aren’t any women in the novel. Perhaps, later along the story, one can figure how gender roles are different. Our moral values of today about the quality of life and the quality of life here in Anthem are highly contradictory. People today think about how individuals are unique and cannot be either compared with other individuals or be expected to do what others can. The quality of life here consists of no privacy, and none of the rights to lead own