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Anthem Essay ­ The Street Sweeper by Dameyon Moore
5th Hour In the book
Anthem by Ayn Rand
why do we think the Council of Vocations assigned Equality 7­2521 to be a street sweeper in the society? Is it an error, incompetence, or a more sinister motivation because Equality is very different from everyone else and has very great potential? Is it just because the Council of Vocations is scared of his potential and what he could bring to the society during the future? I have once been treated like this during basketball. The coach knew I was good enough to be on the best team in the organization but put me on the second best team, I guess just to teach me a lesson, or to give me motivation to be the best that I could be. Equality and I have similar situations, but the Council is trying to boot him down to everyone elses level, to kill his confidence. My three main reasons on why Equality 7­2521 was sentenced to be a street sweeper is because the Council of Vocations is scared of his potential, they don’t know what would happen if he was a scholar, and that he might of brung electricity and other new technologies back, from the unmentionable times. I am going to talk more about Equality 7­2521’s situation in this essay. In the book
Anthem Equality 7­2521 gets the job of a “Street Sweeper” for no other reason other than that if what is selected by the Council of Vocations. When he went to find out his fate, he was hoping to be named a scholar. This wish is a sin in the
Anthem society. He says “Dare not choose in your minds the work you would like to do when we leave the Home of the Students. You shall do what the Council of Vocations

prescribes you” (21). That is why, when Equality 7­2521 learns of his fate, he says he is happy. He says “We felt the cords of our neck grow as tight as our head rose higher to look upon the faces of the Council, and we were happy. We knew we had been guilty, but now we had a way to atone for it” (26). The society has made Equality be happy about whatever job he gets. He must show a sense of happiness everyday but honestly he is also a little happy on the inside about his conditioning. If the Council of Vocations let the people choose their jobs, the society wouldn't work out what so ever. Also, in addition to how smart he is, Equality 7­2521 has a very strong sense of pride, and by putting him to a bad position, the Council hopes to kill his pride and try to make him obey their will. Equality is also taller than others, physically showing difference which is not allowed in Anthem’s society. The Council wants to make him feel useless, instead of speaking or laying hands on Equality to break his pride and will. He is only noticed in a negative way all the time, like when he brought the light box to the
World Council and caused such a bad reaction from them. He reinvented light, why would the Council not want electricity? Also, before he discovers the tunnels, he cannot cause any problem because he is surrounded by other people, who are under the control of the society, and they all will report to the authorities if any illegal