Anthem Literary Analysis

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Literary analysis Anthem “We wish to speak it, but we dare not speak it above a whisper” (pg 38).The book that we read as a class was the Anthem by Ayn Rand. This quote was saying how his relationship had to be a secret and no one can know Equality 7-2521 has feeling for the Golden One. And showing that their love needs to be and is so strong. When reading the story you can see how the attitude of Equality changes from loving the Golden One to just thinking of her as someone that does not mean anything but is good for having kids.
When the Golden One and Equality 7-2521 first meet the Golden One was strong and independent. “There eyes where dark and glowing, with no fear in them, no kindness and no guilt” (pg.39).the Golden One was strong
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But Equality is starting to lose what he had with her realizing he has more meaning to life. “We have followed you” (pg 82). Trying to be as close to Equality as she can even if that means going into a place that is forbidden. The Golden One wants Equality so bad now that she followed him into the uncharted forest just to be with him and he just thinks that it was nice of her but did not really say anything about it.“We wish to be damned with you rather than blessed with are brothers” (pg 83). The Golden One rather die to be with Equality than be safe and stay with the rest of the people. The Golden One wants to be with Equality so bad that she is willing to die for him but Equality does not really care as much as he should. She is risking her life to be with him and he just does not really care about that.I said that the farther you get into the book the more you realize how much the Golden One likes him and how Equality just stopped caring about how much he really likes …show more content…
“They stood before it and they looked and looked upon their own body”(pg 89). All the Golden One want’s to do is stare at herself. They are starting to care less about each other and starting to care more about the way they look. When they first found it to the house the Golden One finds a mirror where she can’t stop looking at herself. That’s all she want’s to do is look at herself. They are still in a daiz looking at themselves and that’s all they can do.
This ends the book showing that the more to yourself the less you care about your loved ones.
Thereout the book you see a lot of change in the relationship and that is showing how the more you are about yourself the farther you get from your loved ones. By the very end of the book you can see