Anthem: Thought and Man Essay

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How are we to live life if we are taught that we are not better than the food we eat? Ayn Rand grew up in Soviet Russia under communist rule. She wrote Anthem and created a character name Equality 7-2521 as a way of telling people that we do have a mind and can think for ourselves. A man having their own mind isn’t as simple as what Equality 7-2521 was taught. He was taught that his brothers and he were one. They have no mind of their own and no purpose for life. Equality 7-2521 couldn’t think, speak, or dream without being scared the Council of Scholars would find out. Equality 7-2521 soon realizes that each man does have their own thoughts. We all have different thoughts and opinions. Each man has to have a mind because without it they are just a tool and not a human being. In Anthem by Ayn Rand, Equality 7-2521 learns what it means to be free and not compared to his brothers. As Equality 7-2521 finds freedom, he realizes that you exist for your own sake and not any else’s. He runs into the Uncharted Forest, collapses, and then recognizes that everything the Council of Scholars told him is a lie. As Ayn Rand wrote “A world where each man will be free, to exist for his own sake” (Rand 104). This is when Equality 7-2521 understands that he wasn’t put on earth to serve and do whatever his brothers say. Equality 7-2521 discovered a house in the Uncharted Forest and learned how different the world was during the Unmentionable Times. He had just learned in a manuscript he discovered, that people years ago lived for their own sake too “The structure whose every beam had come from the thought of some one man, from the depth of someone spirit, such spirit as existed but for his own sake”(Rand 107). Years ago people could be their own person and could do whatever they wanted, but now they have to live by rules and be treated like each other. Throughout the story Equality7-2521 has been using we and they when he is talking about himself or other people. Close to the end of the story he learned to use me and my, from books someone wrote centuries ago. Finding a little house in the Uncharted Forest was the best for Equality 7-2521 and Liberty because they found a room filled with books. Realizing that you are one person and not many “Man, not men” (Rand 104). It was important for Equality 7-2521 to understand that he is singular and not plural because he is no longer compared to his brothers. Now he is independent. Before Equality 7-2521 ran away to the Uncharted Forest he used to feel guilty about the “sins” he has done, but now he knows that what he did was right. He just wanted to know more about the world outside of where he lives. Equality 7-2521 always knew that