Essay about Anthem: Thought and Small Futuristic Society

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In the novel “Anthem,” by Ayn Rand, conforming to the masses is the only idea understood in a small futuristic society. Nobody is different. The Council’s ideas and rules are the only thing to be followed. In their civilization, the idea of individualism was unheard of until Equality 7-2521, the main character, nearly saw his invention destroyed by the Council. Equality soon realizes his society is corrupted by the Council when your name, mate, and profession are chosen by the government. He believes he has no control over his mind or body. The Council basically decides your own destiny or fate. One of the first things he finds distorted is the prohibition of name choosing. From the very start of their society, the Council has prohibited individuals from choosing their own name. This was wrong due to the inhabitants not knowing the true intentions of the Council. Also, this stopped the idea of individualism for stimulating amongst their society and allowing people to have their own identity. By choosing the names of their residents, the Council was slowly gaining control of the minds of the people. The residents were categorized as a group and therefore felt equal to one another. The people were clueless to the situation that was occurring. In addition, they did not understand the outside world or the selection of names to choose from. Lastly, the brainwashed residents could not comprehend the significance of having your own name due to the fact there was lack of name choice name choice and they shared the name Equality. Your name tells a little it of your background or really who you are. If a person shares the same name as the rest of the people in the world, a sense of individuality is left out. This played an important role in goals the Council wanted to achieve. Besides not