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Anthony Childers

Pollution: A Planet at Risk: What Can We Do
Our planet is in trouble. There is pollution in our air that we breath and the water that we drink, and the very soil that makes up our planet. Our natural resources are being used up too fast to be replaced. You hear something about pollution almost everyday. Maybe you think that it is too big a problem for you to make a difference. But, that is not true. Each of us must do our part to help reverse this problem that is facing our planet.
Pollution is contaminating all of our natural surroundings. “Pollution disturbs our ecosystem and the balance in the environment. With modernization and development in our lives pollution has reached its peak; giving rise to global warming and human illness.” (Conserve-Energy-Future, 2015). Our planet is being slowly destroyed by pollutions of every kind. If we are to survive something must be done now to reverse this destruction. People must wake up before we run out of time. There are many reasons that pollution has put our planet is at risk. Products that are non-recyclable such as plastics, that will never break down fill our landfills are being used and throed away by the millions. The waste products from those plastics leak out into the soil and water over time. Chemicals from insecticides, paints, and pesticides are making our soil unfit to grow plants or trees. Toxic fumes fill our air from factories to the cars we drive. The very water that life depends on is being polluted by chemicals and wastes. Each of these pollutions effect the other, causing more and more harm to our planet. Together each of these pollutants are killing the planet we live on. You can not go buy a new planet, this is the only one we have and if we are going to survive we better do something now.
The mining of the earth has increased over time to where it has removed iron ore and coal. Leaving behind the by-products that pollute the soil (Conserve-Energy-Future). The effects of this pollution is far reaching . The soil is the very way that we produce crops for ourselves and all animal life. Crops grown in soil that has been polluted pass that pollution on to those who eat it. This causes illness and health problems for humans and animals alike. Soon the soil will be unfit for growing plants or crops. Trees are chopped down leaving the soil bare .What would the air we breath do without oxygen producing plants that need the soil to grow in.
Our bodies of water are also becoming polluted. We all know that water is important to all life. The facts are that most bodies of water near our towns and cities are polluted to some degree. (Eschooltoday) The dumping of chemicals and waster into our waters have made the living creatures that inhabit those waters to die off or be unfit to consume. . “EPA’s 2010 National Lakes Assessment found that almost 20 percent of the nation’s lakes have high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution.”(enviropol). Animals who live in the water as well as animals who drink the water are harmed by this.
The pollution of the air we breath has increased to where in some countries the air is filled with smog. Smog is a deadly mix of smoke and fog. Chemicals fill our air from exhaust of factories and vehicles. The air we breath is slowly being destroyed by this. The pollution of our air is becoming a major risk to the health of all who live on our planet.
As you can see pollution of our planet must be stopped if we our to continue to live on this planet. There are ways to reduce this pollution and restore the planet to some kind of balance. The earth is crying out for help and we must listen .Each of us can do our part to reduce this pollution.We must not think that one person can not make a difference; because it will take each of us if we are going to make a difference. To help stop this there are things we can do.
To help with the pollution of our soil we must stop using products…