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Anthony Davis’s all star MVP game
Have you ever wondered why did Anthony Davis do so good in his all star game.well today we will be talking about his shot selections,fouls,steals,etc. Anthony Davis is a great all around player he is able to cooperate with his teammates. This man is a record setter and A inspiration to some children in this world. So let’s see why this man did such a great job in his all-star game.

Keeping the award
Anthony Davis is keeping the game's MVP award after all. The Pelicans finished with an ALL-STAR GAME record. With fifty-two points as his western conference team. They won with a ten point lead 192-182. But Anthony Davis will be the prize winner of the MVP award.

No defense resistance
The game
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Davis said “that’s what i wanted to do… get the MVP for this crowd,for this city. “This one definitely means a lot to me. Davis became the story that overshadowed. The story coming into this game. “It was a lot of fun”. Davis said. “ my teammates did a great job of looking for me.

Davis wins with a lot of points
Anthony Davis ,the hometown kid of the pelicans, collected 22 points(11 of 17) in the half but missed a wide open dunk. Davis had a handful of alley oops. Winning the MVP wasn’t the best part for Davis. As he says “ the best part was playing a fair game on that court. Meanwhile he did score a lot of points but not alone. He had teammates that passed the ball to him and set the play.

There were sixteen fouls. Mainly ones players were taking to stop the clock and allow substitution ; only four were of the shooting variety. Davis took thirty-nine shots. Making twenty-six, both of those now all-star records. There were thirty-three steals in the game. Most of those were by product of bad passes then picked pockets.

Anthony Davis is an inspiration to all types of people. He inspires kids to wanna play basketball. He was put on a commercial that pushes people to do things he kept jogging with the man in the commercial. I think he is a great role model for all types of people. He will do great in the next ALL-STAR