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Anthony Lewis Eng 119 10/3/2014 The Musician

As a musician you are constantly growing, learning, seeing, hearing, and trying new things. You tend to look at life in a very different and peculiar way as if you were made differently than others around you. Life takes on a different meaning to you when you begin to understand yourself as a musician. More often than not you have a very broad and open imagination and would be considered by others to be a daydreamer to say the least. In my experience as a young and upcoming musician there has and still is a lot for me to learn to become a great musician. I have learned as a musician the art of being open to the craft and its constant changes are very important to the growth of any musician. The difference that I have noticed about musicians and people who do not play any instruments are very noticeable to me. They are cookey, odd standoffish, loners or just plain weird. First and foremost musicians are very imaginative and tend to be very focused on learning their craft by any means necessary. Making sure you have an open ear and mind to explore different sounds and variations in time and usage in song patterns. How to layer each different sound do that it does not sound like chaos and madness. The undisciplined music running through my fresh open little brain with no understanding on how to get it out. Learning that each instrument has its purpose and place in each song and how and what role they play.
I began my experience as a musician as a drummer a little boy beating on his mother’s pots and pans making all kind of noise and racket with only the desire to play in my heart. As I began to get older and now understanding my craft I went from banging to now keeping a beat. The first person to really help me nurture my craft was Robert Parker the drummer for my church as a child St. John Congregational. He taught me how to properly hold my sticks ant to listen to the time of the song so therefore I would know how to play and execute the music properly. Then I went to school under the direction of my 3rd grade teacher at Carstens Elementary School I began to read music and play with even more precision, accuracy, and execution. Then on I go to high school under the direction of Garland Hill and learn how to