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Nikki Le
Anthro 102
Assignment 3: Timeline


= Orrorin Tugensis (6mya)
Ardipithecus Kaddaba

Physical traits: elongated metacarpals and phalanges, opposable toe, elongated stout pelvis, prognathic, transitional dentition between chimps and Australopithecines

Discovery location: Ethiopia, Tanzania

Associated fauna/reconstructed environ: forest dwellers: opposable toes, which show that genus was terrestrial and arboreal. Traveled soil bipedally and along branches quadrupedally.

Fun Fact: Close to the halfway mark of chimps and humans

Australopithecus Afarensis

Physical traits: bipedal with climbing capabilities, gracile, females are about 5 ft. while males are 1.5 ft. bigger, sloping/low heads, extended maxilla and mandible

Discovery location: Ethiopia, Tanzania

Associated fauna/reconstructed environ: depleting trees, afarensis have extended shoulder girdle that enables them to climb (not main form of locomotion). Their habitat couldn’t have been dense forests because they couldn’t move as freely or easily as other arboreal primates did.

Fun Fact: didn’t have opposable toes and were bipedal

Australopithecus Boisei

Physical traits: sagittal crest (more seen in males), robust, unbalanced dentition with big molar teeth, large muscle attachments

Discovery location: Tanzania

Associated fauna/reconstructed environ: large chewing apparatus tells us that a lot of the food processing had to be done with their mouths. This probably allowed them to eat tough meats or roots and not need to eat leafy vegetation meaning not many trees were around probably.

Fun fact: often known as Zinjanthropus because when the