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Kathya Ibanez
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Arthur Krupicz
Dec 13, 2014
How Anthropology can help to change the world

Since I was a kid I wanted to understand why people make so much differences based on culture, race or skin color. I have always wanted to help the people to end the racism and to see humans equal, without any discrimination of any kind. It is amazing how people from the same country can discriminate others because they have a different color skin or a different way of speaking. I think is unfair because nobody should make a difference with any human especially, with kids that they don’t understand why are they being judged and separated from the rest.

I think that is a problem not only in USA, but in may countries of the world. Racism can be everywhere in example; in Guatemala they are used to call Indians to the people who wear the original Mayan dress. Some people in the same country would not permit their kids to talk to any kid dress like that because they feel like they are more than them. When in reality in Guatemala 90% of the people have Mayan roots, yes some people is mixed with people from Spain, but we all come from the same roots.

I believe Anthropology can change the way we see race and if anthropologist will give conferences or actually classes in schools to explain why race doesn’t exist. If they would show the kids since they are little that race doesn’t not exist, and that all humans are equal I totally thing that would make a big difference In the world. It would reduce violence, bullying, it would improve the economic situation. Because if we discriminate a person just for the way they look, economy will be affected as well,


The idea of the human races is just a tag that they put on people to divide humans in certain categories, however, humans are all the same, there are some variations in color and gender but everything else is the same. The myth that some races are more intelligent, strong or weak are just myths everybody has the same capacities to complete the different task od daily lives including having a successful career. The culture is something that changes and that’s the reason why some people are more focus in education, sports or religion but that doesn’t have anything to do with race.

Humans adapt a skin color depending on the amount of sun UV lights are getting in order to protect the skin, Clinal variation explains why people who want to use the term race can't define how many groups or races there are. Clinal variation explains why people who want to use the term "race" can't define how many groups or races there are. They cant prove race with DNA because all humans have the 99% of same DNA because we are equal there is no race not even scientist can prove it.

The Mayan culture is really interesting, I decided to do a research not only because they left wonderful knowledge but also because, I was born in Guatemala where all this beauty emerged. They are so important to society they have created one of the most amazing temples of the world. Several Anthropologists have studied the Mayans, and until now they continue doing investigations and discovering new cities and temples. There are many things to be discovered yet, but that will take time. Furthermore, the reason why Anthropologists are interested in the culture is because their architecture, agriculture but most likely because their sacred book where they describe the nature of the world and their history. Anthropologists have discovered the ancient wall calendar; they have researched the earliest evidence of the astronomical tables, dates and numbers carved on walls done 1200 years ago. The culture has been researched for a long time, focusing on their economy, environment and textual information left as the popol vuh (Indians org 2014).

Edward Fischer is an Anthropologist who did a case study in Guatemala; he lived there for a long time to