Anthro: United States and Arabs Situation Essay

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Native Americans and Arabs situation is pretty similar. They are both looked down upon because Europeans made the images that these people were savages and ruthless. Native Americans and Arabs are not smart. And all movies they were portrayed in they were bad people. A couple differences I saw were that Arabs were always portrayed of living a lavish life style so to speak while Native Americans lived on the land. Also in Arab culture women were sex objects as in belly dancers but were also slaves. Ethnocentrism is alive and thriving is the United States today. Hollywood and the mainstream media are spreading thoughts that all Arabs are essentially hateful towards American and this idea is spreading like wildfire. With movies like True Lies and even movies aimed towards are children like Aladdin are being racist towards Arabs. These movies are showing us from a young age that Arabs are mean, savage like people that want to kill or harm people (especially Americans). The media also plays a big role is downgrading Arabs. For example, the news feed that we all saw about 9/11. We show the Arabs mutilating our safety and people of this country and ran into the twin towers. All the media after that told and showed us how much Arabs dislike American and how they send suicide bombers to kill. So in our minds they were all terrorists. But they never put this much effort in making people dislike Catholics because people like Timothy McVeigh who was an American catholic that killed 168 people in the Oklahoma…