Anthropolgy: Linguistics and Sapir-whorf Hypothesis Essay

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Anthropology is the study of humans, past and future. I am unfamiliar with all the different aspects of anthropology. I am very interested in learning about linguistics. ”Linguistics studies linguistic variation in time and space, including interrelations between language and culture; includes historical linguistics and sociolinguistics” (Gezon, L. & Kottak, C., 2012, p. 16). Linguistics will broaden the horizon to other cultures languages and show how aspects influence their lives. At first, I thought linguistics was just the language of all cultures, I now know it much broader. Some of the topics I find interesting are sign language, kinesics, and Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. “Sign language employs a limited number of basic gesture units that are analogous to sounds in spoken language” (Gezon, L. & Kottak, C., 2012, p. 81). Sign language is important to interpret what is being said between the hearing impaired, it enables us to communicate with those individuals as wells as many primates. “Kinesics is the study of communication through body movements, stances, gestures, and facial expressions” (Gezon, L. & Kottak, C., 2012, p.84). I find Kinesics to be very interesting as it shows how a person is feeling about a situation by the body language and gestures they are presenting also by the pitch in their voice. “Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is the theory that different languages produce different ways of thinking” (Gezon, L. & Kottak, C., 2012, p. 87). Sapir-Whorf is the study of relationships between written and spoken languages, it is important to understand what has been lost in translation. I work for a large defense industry that creates Armored Security Vehicles for various different countries. I work in the Life Cycle Support Department which deals with Customer Service, Spares, and Logistics Support; these departments are very involved with outside vendors. Throughout my company we travel to several counties to provide field service repairs, warranty work, business development for future programs, along with other ongoing support. Kinesics and Sapir-Whorf hypothesis would both be beneficial to use in my career. Kinesics is great for internal and external use. This is a great learning tool to use for reading others, a person can get a true feeling of how another really feels about certain topics by reading facial expressions and body language. I can also pay attention to the vibes I am giving off by the gestures and stances I am giving sending to my customers. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis would be beneficial with understanding the cultural guidelines set by