Anthropology: Anthropology and Biological / Physical Anthropology Essay

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Anthropology is the study of humans species and its immediate ancestors. Anthropology examines the origins of human existence from the past and present of human existence. Such as where did Homo sapiens originate? It explains the differences and similarities of different cultures throughout the world. The four different types of general Anthropology is Sociocultural which is when it explains social and cultural similarities and differences. Archaeological is when they reconstruct and interprets human behavior and cultural pattern through human remains. Biological/ Physical Anthropology is human biological diversity in time and space, such as human development and growth or human genetic. Linguistic Anthropology studies language in its social and cultural society across space and time, it also studies how the human speech changes over time. Anthropologist have been link to other fields of studies such as, art and music. This plays a huge link cause Anthropologist study the music and the art that plays an important part in many cultures across the world. Anthropologist has two dimensions, academic and practicing applied anthropologist. Applied anthropology also known as public anthropology perspectives, theory, and methods to identify social problems. Ethnologist identify and explain culture differences and similarities to build theories on how the many different cultures work. Anthropologist also has a psychology side to it. Many societies especially during this time, instill alot of values into their children that the adult grew up on. Many adults personalities reflect cultures that they where brought up on. An example of Anthropology is According to Freud, boys around the age of five become sexually attracted to their mothers. But since that theory many psychologist are working together on issues of development and cognitive issues in the psychology area.
The main lesson of unit 1 is the scientific method of