Essay about Anthropology: Bedouins

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Step 1: Topic is abpout Earth
Step2: Ancient and medieval cultures and civilizations of Arabic ➢ Primary sources: Examine and carefully observe your primary sources of information such as legends, ritual songs and dances, mythological concepts of the creation of the universe and origin of nature and the human world, religious beliefs in specific deities, meaning of symbols, fabric decoration, archaeological artifacts, ethnographic material, behavioural patterns of subsistence and cultural adaptation, form of flexible techniques to manage natural resources and survive, etc. List and describe them considering the degree of accuracy of your primary source. ➢ Secondary Sources: Find secondary literature related to your topic. You can use it in support of your arguments or as a solid ground to discuss other’s opinion. Create a list of intriguing and challenging questions you are going to answer within your essay. This will provide your work with a clear text structure and compelling research outcomes.
Steo 3: ▪ Introduction: contain a clear thesis statement Define your position: for or against the relevance of a specific crucial element or natural power in the performance of the chosen culture.
| in the same introductory paragraph, state the five best reasons that support your |
|position briefly but in a confident manner |
|Body: |
|five (5) supporting paragraphs with five (5) pieces of evidence, group of findings, or arguments in favour of your thesis statement. Use the |
|primary and secondary literature and apt illustrations of ethnographic, anthropological, archaeological, documental or other types of findings to|
|support and better explain your arguments by citing relevant evidence. |
| |
|his is your conclusion. As one closes the research paper, it is most important to clearly redefine the topic and restate the most compelling |
|evidence cited in original form. Remember, this is the last chance to remind the reader and convince him/her to accept your position. Do not |
|introduce new material in the conclusion |
| |
|Look at the last page of 2nd chapter and find definition of words and google them in Arab context |
| |
| |
| |
| |

Situated north east of Africa is what is known as the world’s biggest peninsula or Arabia, a vast land that covers 3,237,500 square kilometer. The Arabian peninsula