Anthropology: Football Game Essay

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Brieanna Jones
Anthropology: Mrs. Roof
Class B02
The atmosphere of school is serious. Most of the time kids are quiet and pay attention. In the public schools of South Carolina kids have to adhere to a certain kind of dress code. There is no swearing, or eating in a classroom. Observing a high school football game you see a big difference in the tone people use and the clothing and more. Then you go to the same school with about the same kids after classes have let out during a football game and then you have a completely different atmosphere; almost like you have a different set of kids.
At the Spring Valley High School football game, there are teenager of every race it seems. Security guards posted near every exit, Administrators walking with radio walkie talkies. The temperature outside is a perfect 80 degrees. During a regular school day the females at Spring Valley cannot wear anything six inches above the knee. At this football game there are teenage females walking around with shorts I know my mother would never let me wear. Both boys and girls with their faces painted green and gold; which are the schools color. The atmosphere during a school day is most likely toned down. There is usually no screaming and people use hush tones. Now at the Spring Valley football game there is lots of cheering, loud music. The smell of hot dogs and chilly cheese nachos, mixed with the fumes of the sweaty athletes on the field.
The cheerleaders shaking pom-poms are shouting cheers to keep the crowd and the school’s football team energized. Cheerleaders interact with the crowd by shouting chants with them and doing little ritual dances. They encourage the football team to do better and or keep up the good work. The football teams are lined up on field with horizontal lines and number on them. The opponent lines up opposite them. The object of the game is to get a brown pigskin football into the opponent’s end-zone. Of course there are plenty of other rules such as *sacking the quarter back, *technical fouls and others I would need a guy that really love football to explain it to me. Though the rules seem simple enough it is easier said than done.
Though there are many girls that love football it is a predominately male sports. Only males play in the *NFL. With it being a predominately male sports also has to do with society. It has to do with society in the sense that men or people in general have the notion that females should be soft spoken, classy and graceful. Not yelling and getting or roughing up others. The girls at the Spring Valley football games do not follow those stereotypes. They get as loud and sometimes even louder than the guys when the Spring Valley football team *fumbles the football or when…