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Hypoxia stress- stress put on your lungs from high altitudes Feijoada- Brazilian Dish Cocolitzli- small pox Harris Lines- Line that appear on bones from malnutrition Mictlantecontli- Spanish Word for devil’ Goshute- Tribe of Indians in US found in Nevada 8/30/12 Tay sache- mental disorder, don’t live until they reproduce one or more Structural Linguistics –Understanding the vocabulary and grammar of a language Ex: the way Spanish uses gender in grammar Yana- Type of people north central California Ishi- Last of his kind, the Yana, 1960 walked in with hair burned short (sign of morning) and surrendered. Lived on the campus of Burkley with the anthropologist to learn much about his language. Ishi translated into his language means man. Historical or Comparative Linguistics- Many languages sound alike Largest indian reserve in AZ belongs for Navajo- They speak in Dine Athabascan, only two tribes speak this language- Navajo and Apache. Some people in Canada speak the Athabascan language so we can assume as some point these tribes must have live there because no one around them now can speak it Social Linguistics –Status, membership, slang. Ex WTF on jerseys and not realizing what it meant Cultural Linguistics- Ethnology – comparing a study of cultures, human belief and behavior * A vision quest. The individual quest some type of visionary experience where you look for a guardian protector or spirit. Vast majority of Indian people who have the encounter * Some Californian Indians and other groups attained this encounter without fasting but rather consuming hallucinogens * Toloache- A hallucinogen drink made of datura. Gives you a sense of levitation. * Datura- very common plant related to tomato, but has poison in it. * Also common to eat red ants. Anthropology= the comparative and holistic study of human biology and culture -two or more units of analysis, these units