Anthropology: People Essay

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I have many friends and have meet many people over the past couple of years. No matter what type of friendship or bond I have with these people it seems when I first met them, all the same characteristics of the conversation and position of things were the same. So I have done a little bit of examining how people interact with each other by watching people around me talk to one another, watching movies, and even noticed how I myself act around certain people. The last examination on myself was the hardest because I knew what I was looking for in my research and tried not to change anything that I normally do but when I really looked I was kind of uncomfortable and made minor adjustments. For example at one point in time I was at my brother’s house where it was me and a bunch of his male friends standing in the garage. Everyone was about four feet apart in a circular pattern talking, when one of his friend came and stood about six inches away from me, at this time I felt very uncomfortable and felt that my space had been violated and asked him to take a couple of steps to the side of me. I don’t know if I reacted this way because I didn’t know him or if it was simply because he was of the same sex. I just did it off of pure instincts and didn’t think twice about asking for more space between us. I believe if he was a girl I wouldn’t have asked for the extra space and would have more invited her into the circle. So I would say in a case of the same gender space is much appreciated and that girls tend to be much closer when they talk to one another. I watched movies such as, the notebook, p.s. I love you, and the breakup. By watching these few movies I would say that people also like to be closer around loved ones and mixed parties of people. Along with that they also tend to be a lot more up close and personal