Essay on Anthropology Reflection

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The anthropology cultural show and tell assignment provided me with a new aspect of my culture. It was nice to be able to read up and learn new culture beliefs that I have never heard of before. This assignment allowed me to learn interesting and strange cultural beliefs and behaviors towards superstitions. When researching some examples of Caribbean superstitions, I was shocked and surprised with some of the results. Some of the things that I came across had me thinking that people are "crazy" and "weird" if they still practice these customs or behaviors in Jamaica or different parts of the Caribbean. A recent discussion with my grandma helped confirm that people do in fact have continuing superstition: from pregnancy and childbirth, to good luck and fortune and even ghosts and death. She herself, believes in many superstitions. Being able to talk to my grandmother as a source was great because she was able to give me precise details about why she believes in superstitions, and gave examples of times where she has performed certain customs. I personally do not believe in these beliefs and customs, nor do my parents. Both my parents moved to Canada from Jamaica when they were in their twenties'. I believe that my parents were exposed to these customs and beliefs, but when they immigrated to Canada, their views changed on the topic based on the way things are done. The information was never mentioned or passed on from parents to me and my sibling until the day I started…