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Anthropology 1500 Study Guide Exam 1

Terms to know 1. Race 2. Polytypic vs polymorphic 3. Monohybrid vs Dihybrid Cross 4. Dominant vs Recessive Trait 5. Chromosome 6. Gene 7. Allele 8. Genotype vs Phenotype 9. Homozygous vs Heterozygous 10. Diploid vs Haploid 11. Autosomal vs Sex-linked 12. Somatic vs Gametes 13. Homologous 14. Complementary Base Pairs 15. Codon 16. Amino Acid 17. Protein 18. DNA vs RNA

Open Ended Questions 1. Explain the Central Paradox of Race 2. List and explain Mendel’s Laws 3. What was the title of Mendel’s book concerning these laws? 4. What is the function of a Punnett Square? 5. How many pairs of chromosomes are in most human cells? 6. How many chromosomes are in a somatic cell? A Gamete? 7. Compare and contrast mitosis vs meiosis. 8. Compare and contrast transcription vs translation. 9. How is the genetic code redundant?

Multiple Choice Questions
1. Gametes from which sex determine the sex of the offspring? a) Male b) Female c) Both, because of blending d) Neither, because sexual determination is completely random

2. In a cross between individuals with the following genotypes- HH and hh- the resulting genotypes would all be? a) Selected for b) Nucleotides c) Heterozygous d) Homozygous

People to know 1) Gregor Mendel 2) Carolus Linnaeus 3) Watson & Crick

Punnett Squares
Draw a Punnett Square for a genetic cross between a man with cystic fibrosis and a heterozygous woman (Use C & c for the two alleles, and note that the disease is autosomal and recessive). What is the probability that any of their children will inherit cystic fibrosis?