Anthropology: United States and Children Essay

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The reaction paper about the kidnapped and sold children of EI Salvador

As we knew from the lecture, there was a civil war in Salvador in the 80s or 90s. A lot of children were forcibly disappeared in the context of the civil war, in which civilian children were kidnapped and sold through adoption to help fund military groups. The adopted children left their parents when they were very young. They should have stayed with their families and had a nice childhood, but the civil war occurred and disturbed their life that should be easeful. They were adopted by the other country, like American families or French families. When the adopted children grew up, they can’t even remember what their parents looked like and where were they from in Salvador. So they spend a lot of efforts on finding their relatives, they want to reunion with their families. I think it was the war that made a number of children separated with their relatives even their country. Maybe some of them were adopted by nice families and lived in a better life. But most of them lived in a bad life and missed their families. Now there are still a lot of adults who were adopted by American families finding their parents. If we don’t have wars, I think there won’t be so many children who were kidnapped separating with their parents and from now on say goodbye to their nice childhood and their country. I hope the world is peaceful. I hope all of the children can have a wonderful