Essay about Anti-Bullying Prevention Proposal

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Youth at Risk
Prevention Proposal – XYZ High School Anti-Bullying Program

Juvenile Justice

Prevention Program Proposal


The direct target group is the current freshman class at suburban middle class XYZ High School (XYZHS). Naturally, as the sophomore, junior, and senior classes matriculate through the school, they will be indirectly affected by the program and expected to hold true to the lessons and values taught in the anti-bullying curricula during their freshman year. The demographic for the direct and indirect target groups are as follows: • General Demographic o The population of residents ages 15 to 19 for the school district is 9,075 making up roughly
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• Various community leaders who have a vested interest in the program. Their role will be to represent the community share their outlook on the effectiveness of the program within the community. • One school guidance counselor will act as the facilitator for the anti-bullying program. Major responsibilities will include providing mediation between the student body, parents of students, and school administration. • The assistant principal of student support will act as the point of contact between school administration, the district board of education, and the superintendent of the district. • Three (3) teacher representatives; preferably from the sociology, psychology, and/or health departments; to act as a collective voice concerning the role of curriculum and instruction in the program. • The school resource officer will provide presence to the students. Although there is nothing illegal about bullying, the knowledge that there is law enforcement officer in the school may be enough to deter bullying and assurance to victims that they have another avenue to turn too if need be.


Primary data can be collect in several ways. The following are proposed ways to collect the collect the required data to develop and operate an anti-bullying program at XYZHS. • Focus