Anti-Democracy Essay

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The Communism, Fascism and Nazism seemed to be great political systems, yet each one has proved to be failure from the beginning. These three types of government systems had the intentions of making people’s lives better, but the Communist regime realized that everyone could have a good life without a class system; moreover, the government will gradually get out and everyone will live in sort of heaven on earth. Fascism and Nazism intended to make a better life for anyone by expanding the power of the government; then, the government could provide stability to the entire family in the nation. Although, these political ideas sound good, selfish leaders of these systems followed their own interests; it ended up causing great damage to their nations and later on another nation around the world. Peculiar nations have used these models of government as form of their governments, for they thought that it had been good government systems while some of them thought different. What were so different with these political systems? How were they equal? Why these ideologies were accepted and later rejected by people? Nazism, Fascism and Communism were three big ideas of a political government, and each one had its pros and cons. First, in 1900 Socialism/Communism, was a theatrical economic system of a political regime created by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, based on mutual ownership of the total assets produced in Russia. They believed that communism should be a perfect system of government because it causes the full realization of people`s freedom. Both, Engels and Marx, believed that with communism, people could do anything they want and nobody could have

required duties or be exploited. Later on, they realized that socialism was a stage walking towards the communism. There were different classes in socialism. The believed that the communism could be the last stage of society with no class differences, giving freedom, equality for everyone, and with no government speech at all. The entire Russian nation was satisfied with this model, accepting and hoping that soon or later the whole country would become communist; thus they believed that with all freedom and no government or class differences, hence everyone could live in harmony. The Russian Revolution emerged in 1917 when Lenin took control of the country, leading the party known as the Bolsheviks, a faction of leaders created to manipulate the Russian congress. All these leaders were Marxists and started developing what they called “The Rising of the Modern Communism. The Bolsheviks created the Communist Party and the socialist policies named as Leninism. After that, in the beginning of 1920, the Soviet Union was formed and a program of communism held, developing huge classless society. This was centralism in Lenin’s format, making it look-alike to Fascist regime. Second, the Fascism in Italy was the most important form of totalitarianism, which directly drove to the outbreak of World Second War. This political system controlled Italy between 1922 and 1943 by Benito Mussolini, an authoritarian politician with the ideology that considered everyone to be property of government as a whole joint. Fascists were looking to fake a type of national unit, usually based on ethnics, cultural, racial and religious attributes. Basically, fascism was the government that had all authority, governing and controlling every single citizen all over the country; consequently, this ideology had control over all economic aspects, social, political and cultural life. Fascism was different than communism; moreover, communism was the ideology that should give freedom for everyone and no government obligations or class differences while Fascism, was the ideology that the government had whole control over everyone and their lives, having similar ideas like the Nazism.

The last of them, Adolf Hitler, a dictator in Germany and responsible for the World Second War, created one of the