Anti Gerasone: A Short Story

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Life is getting pretty boring these days. These youngins call me gramps, because I am very old. I have been taking anti-gerasone so I don’t age. It is pretty cool, but like I said life gets boring after a while. I am 191 years old so you would understand the bore. The planet is really going down hill. People are forced to eat sawdust and other terrible foods. That is because of overpopulation. With this new medicine no one is ever dying from age. I keep telling my “family” that I am going to stop taking anti-gerasone but I just can’t stop taking it. I don’t want to experience death. I don’t know what is after life it could be eternal pain and suffering for all I know. Life was decently good other than the fact we were running out of resources. I usually just sit and watch TV all day long. We have ran out of metal, gasoline, oil, and many other important resources. We don’t have a car because of the metal shortage. I miss the old car rides hair blowing in the wind on the countryside. There wasn’t a person in sight. Now a days you see someone no matter where you go. I know that some of my family doesn’t like me that much, but I make sure they all respect me. They know to respect me since I own the place and can do whatever I want with them. Whenever someone mentions the past I just say that it …show more content…
I saw someone step over me as I heard gurgling coming from the bathroom. I chose to ignore it and tried to take a nap. When I woke up I had to use the bathroom so as I was walking to the bathroom I heard something shatter. I rushed in and saw Lou with my anti-gerasone glass. I knew it! He is trying to get rid of me. I ignored and and pretended to not see what had broken and told him to clean it up. Now I have someone trying to kill me with many hating me. Maybe I should stop taking the anti-gerasone and just die. Hopefully death isn’t as bad as I think it is. I rewrote my will and left it on my bed and ran