Anti Semitism Before The Holocaust Essay

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Anti-Semitism Before the Holocaust

The Jews are amongst one of the most DISDAINED groups of people in history. Anti-Semitism has existed much longer before the horrors of the Holocaust. The Jews have been hated amongst many religions like Christianity and Islam for reasons that are still debated on till this day. Anti-Semitism did not become so popular until the killing of Jesus. People center the idea of antisemitism with the Holocaust and Hitler's influence to make it happen but hatred towards the Jewish people has existed since the middle ages.
The Christian Church

The Jewish people received blame from the Christians for the killing and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Jewish people did not receive blame for the killing of Jesus until
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Hitler and the Nazi party were world class manipulators towards the German people as they used vast amounts of propaganda to promote their anti-semitic messages. Nazi propaganda was used to promote anti-Semitism as they would claim things such as Jews being sub-human (“Background: Life Before”). The message of anti-semitism was received well by the German people as Hitler and the Nazis were able to pass policies that limited Jewish rights without any backlash from the public.
“The persecution of the Jews began systematically, shortly after Hitler came to power,” (“Background: Life Before”). Jewish discrimination later became about of German law as they were permitted from owning businesses, practicing law, and from having political power. The positive impact that Hitler and his Nazi policies made on the economy had the German people loving Hitler and, therefore, making the propaganda even more effective to get support from the people. Hitler would go on TIRADES on the Jews in front of millions of Germans who had hope for him. Before World War 2 Germany had anti-semitic government policies as it was taught in school to kids with “scientific evidence” (Berenbaum). Germany was teaching their children propaganda that was