Essay anti slavery before revolution

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The Anti-Slavery movement was launched because of religious and secular reasons.
Religious ideas being the main reason, when Four German Quakers and a couple of Mennonites began protesting and started a petition. The petitioners drew up bible verses and so forth, but weren’t able to motivate the Quakers to discontinue this slave movement. George Keith examined the Quakers taking no action at the petition. He then reminded the Quakers how slavery was contrary to the practices of their faith. In 1701 Samuel Sewell published the first anti Slavery pamphlet, “The selling of Joseph”, in America. In Philadelphia on 1737, the copy was reprinted by Benjamin Lay. Motivating these Quakers in adopting a resolution against slavery. John woolman and lay were both present at the meeting in Philadelphia that agreed on taking down slavery. Woolman argued that Africans deserved to have the freedom that everyone naturally had. A majority of others united to this movement. Inspiring Benjamin Franklin and Adam Smith into facilitating in the expansion of anti slavery. John Otis brought the anti slavery argument into a sharper focus. In his pamphlet, “The rights of the British colonies asserted and proved”, he indicated how the colonists are of free nature then indeed are all the other whites and blacks. Slavery first came forth as in issue in the stamp act crisis. When the enslaved first heard about the slave movement abolishment being considered, they attempted to seize