Anti Vietnam War Movement Research Paper

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Anti-Vietnam War Protests

In every war the United States has fought, there have been protestors. The antiwar movement during the Vietnam War is particularly memorable because it played out at a time when there were actually two other strong movements taking place: the student movement and the civil rights movement. During the 1960s, young adults played a major role in the anti-Vietnam War movement for social change. “Millions of people saw images of American casualties on television in their living rooms each day as Vietnam became the first 'television war.'”1The civil rights movement created one of the most important American social activists of the 20th century, Martin Luther King Jr. The anti-Vietnam War movement helped to change the opinion of average Americans against the war and helped lead to the ending of hostilities.
1. What was the Civil Rights Movement?
2. How did students go about protesting during the war?
3. Did music play a role in the Vietnam War?
4. How did hippies help end the war?
This review of the Anti-Vietnam War Protest focuses on these four questions.
What was the Civil Rights Movement? The civil rights movement was a mass popular movement to secure for African Americans equal access to and opportunities for the basic privileges and
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The growth of the war caused lyrics to focus on the increased military aid. Drafts of undergraduates in colleges and universities continued to increase. Rock and roll turned tons of young people toward an exotic and transformative new art. Protest songs differed little from its immediate antecedents. The music, however, had evolved from the acoustic-oriented folk stylings to rock-based rhythms. Bob Dylan opened up that cultural space for an oppositional voice to the Vietnam War during the first half of the 60s. Many of the injustices Dylan sang were not based on race or civil rights issues, but rather everyday exploitations and tragedies, such as