Essay about Antibiotics: Bacteria and Antibiotics

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Antibiotics are one of the most important medications in the complex world of medicine. Through the years antibiotics have evolved making them the first method used to treat many dangerous bacterial disease. Unfortunately there are some controversial arguments about the use of antibiotics. Moreover, I believe everything in life should be used with moderation, not too much or not to little. In addition this debate with antibiotics arises because many people take for granted or abuse the use of antibiotics. Some people argue that antibiotics should always be prescribed and others that it should be used with more precaution. The majority of ENT infections are an important example to this debate about antibiotics. ENT infections are typically considered a virus and can be treated to relief pain not to be eliminated. For example in this situation some doctors argue that they would not have many options, they would just have to prescribe a pain reliever like ibuprofen and hope for no further complications. In addition it is argued that antibiotics would not favor the situation because it would not do anything to the virus and it would just make it bacteria resistant. On the other hand, many doctors consider that the use of antibiotics is important in ENT infections, they believe that if antibiotics are not used more severe complications can arise. As a result, many doctors treat ENT infection like if a bacteria was present. Antibiotics should be used to treat bacterial infections, as they will kill and terminate their growth. In addition, not all antibiotics are effective against the same bacteria, which is why a doctor should use the appropriate antibiotic for the type of bacteria causing the infection. On the other hand, viruses are very different they are not treated with antibiotic because they would not help they can complicated the situation. For instance, the use of antibiotics for a virus can cause an allergic reaction that can be deadly. Also it can lead to the growth of more bacteria that can become antibiotic resistant and then antibiotics would not do anything to help. Antibiotics do not speed recovery time and are ineffective on viruses. The use of antibiotics can lead to resistant strains if antibiotics are overused or used incorrectly. “The ECDC says that antibiotic resistance continues to be a serious public health threat worldwide. In a statement issued in 19th November 2012, the ECDC informed that an estimated 25,000 people die each year in the European Union from antibiotic resistant bacterial infections”(1). I think that antibiotics should be used with a lot of precaution and never use them for a simple cold or flu. Other dangers include people who stop taking the antibiotics when they feel better. For example, if the treatment is stopped the bacteria might not be completely killed and it can reproduce and become resistant to that antibiotics. As a result, the antibiotic will have no effect on the person and this can become a problem. Having an infection or simply feeling sick is a problem. Today we live in an accelerated world where many of us live on a day to day basis. Some implications of a person missing school or work due to illness are a drastic change in the person’s life and the people that depend on them. For example if a person is sick and cannot go to work they would not be paid and then they would not have money to pay bills. Moreover, many jobs do not have sick days and if you miss too much the person would be fired. This can also be another problem if the person has health